Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A form of Racism

A copy-paste  from a forum discussing what's going on in US economy and politics:

"America needs to quit believing these lies the GOP are spewing... 
GOP just passed H.R.2219 - Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2012 increases DoD funding from 2011 level by $17 billion from $513 billion to $530 billion, It also contains $119 billion in "emergency" spending for continuation of the Global War on Terror. That is GOP spending money we don't have, not Obama! oh, lets not forget the trillions spent in 2 wars GOP started but is now blaming on Obama. 

America is not stupid, we seen what the GOP just did in Michigan, RAISED TAXES 1.5 billion on the old and sick and handed 1.7 in tax cuts to super rich.. comeon America, if your honestly NOT in the top 2% ? Are you so racist to kill your own country by blaming everything on the black man?"

Looks and feels so-true.  It's more and more obvious that GOP (Republicans) are trying to sacrifice the majority of americans (grassroots) for its few wealthiest, and to blame everything onto the black president.   In the history of US presidents I am aware of, it never happens on previous white presidents.  It's a form of neo-imperialistic racism saga.

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